Freelates is a classic Pilates equipment training in privet rooms with a virtual guide on screen. Freelates is open 24\7 for subscribers. the sessions are personlized to meet the needs and levels of our trainees

Freelates is a new innovative and professional Pilates equipment training,

The technology and the space are programmed and designed  for today's consumer

Freelates is an Island to pause and practice professional equipment Pilates in a middle of  an urban surrounding

We are creating personal and smart Pilates equipment training units with a virtual instructor on screen open 24\7

The training is personalized according to the costumer needs and levels

Innovative technology

Based on smart algorithm, Freelates App will match the exact Pilates equipment session for you whether you in a beginner or advanced level, pregnant or suffering from a body issue 


After getting inside  a Freelates space you will be trained by a virtual instructor on screen, the sessions are made carefully and professionally to be effective and safe to your body and enable you practice 24\7

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